How do you sum up Concorde?

Copyright Mark Broadbent
Copyright Mark Broadbent

Concorde is one of the few aircraft that everyone knows. I’d say that it and the 747 are the only passenger aircraft that have really gripped the truly mass public awareness (by which I mean people who really couldn’t care less about aircraft knowing what it is).

Maybe the A380, about which I’ve written in the new issue of Aviation News (plug, plug), will one day join them. But it’s got a long way to go until it has that big, widespread pop-culture conciousness that the Jumbo and the big white pointy Anglo-French supersonic transport have.

I say ‘have’ as though Concorde’s still around. Of course, it isn’t. The coming autumn marks 10 years since its retirement by British Airways an Air France.

But I think the type still has real hold in the imagination. And part of the reason for that is that there was a whole epic story around the aircraft.

Recently I tried to sum that impact up with this blog for the Hush-Kit website: Concorde in 200 words

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