The Helvellyn aircraft landing

I’ve not written a blog for ages but I guess life, which includes writing for other outlets to make a living, gets in the way.

So it’s high time to post another entry.

And there’s probably no better subject to write about than the one I’ve written about for the latest issue of ‘Aeroplane’ magazine.

That is the landing of a small Avro biplane on (and take-off from) the summit of Helvellyn mountain in the Lake District.

It took place no less than 90 years ago next month and you’ll probably not be surprised to learn that nothing like it has happened since – either on Helvellyn or another mountain in Britain.

Despite what I do for a living, I can’t say I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of landing an aeroplane on a mountain’s summit. I can empathise with the editor of one local newspaper, the Dundee Courier, who was outraged at the event – their words showed they regarded it as an unnecessary and undesirable invasion of the mechanical world on the natural one.

But the writer in me nevertheless sees a good tale. It’s an old-fashioned adventure story in a way – there’s a dash of bravery, a lot of skill, and our characters battling against the elements to fulfil their quest.

It was nice to research and write this article – something I did more than 18 months ago in fact, aware that it’d be saved until the 90th anniversary came around.

As always with printed media, it’s lovely to see your words on a piece of paper – accompanied here by some archive photos.

I hope it’s a tale that appeals to people who aren’t just interested in aviation, but anyone who likes a quirky story.

And I hope that I’ve given a bit of life to an unusual bit of Lake District history.

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