Comfort food

I’ve blogged before about Provenance Food Hall and Restaurant, and the other evening I had another great meal there.

The new year has brought a slightly revised menu, but I’m pleased to report the standard is as good as ever.

I went for one of the new additions on the menu – the salmon lattice. This is salmon, spinach and cream cheese wrapped in puff pastry, served with green beans and mash.

Simple but tasty, comforting and filling – ideal for the chilly conditions recently – but not over-facing either. The best sort of comfort food, I guess.

I’ve written here about the Cartmel Sticky Toffee pudding, so no surprise I opted for that again.

New on the menu, though (and something one of my companions picked) was a chocolate orange bread and butter pudding with a blood orange sorbet.


As you can see, it looked quite pretty. Tasted good too, I’m told.

And people on neighbouring tables seemed similarly satisfied with what they were having.

Of course, everything with food is highly subjective but on the evidence of that visit Provenance is doing well – and that’s nice to see.

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